About Tobi

As a 1st generation Nigerian-American, education has always been an integral part of my life. Holding my Bachelor's of Science from Trinity University in Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering), I have since worked to become a leader as an environmental engineer in the Houston Area.

While growing my career, I always found ways to continually engage in the school system through mentoring and volunteering my time to the students most at need in the community, including:

  • Lena Hope Foundation-Math & Science Tutor

  • Boys & Girls Club of Fort Worth-Mentor/Volunteer

  • JA Finance Park-Volunteer

  • Boys & Girls Club Beaumont-Volleyball Coach

Adding Pearland ISD Board Trustee Candidate to the list, I look to continue to make an impactful change for the education and development of all children in our community. During these trying times my Compassion, Leadership Experience, and pragmatic Problem Solving are needed and more valuable than ever.

Through the hard-work and sacrifices of my parents, I forged a dedication for ensuring Every Child has the opportunity to fulfill their Fullest and Greatest Potential.

Covid-19 Readiness

Students. Parents. Teachers.

Ensuring that students are given top educational opportunities and safely resuming in-person learning, we must focus on Students, Parents, and Teachers, while following CDC Guidelines and leading with accountability. Similar to how we enact and enforce a dress code; we need an even greater level of accountability with our COVID protocols.

Students - In person learning is a long-term must for the sustainable growth and education of our students. This is why we must not only have the CDC Guidelines on paper, but in practice--ensuring accountability that will give our students the peace of mind to focus on learning and growing through their most formative years.

Parents - For so many families, school is not only a place of education, but a place of community, sustenance, and the peace of mind to go to work everyday to provide, knowing their child is in a safe place. This highlights why it is so important we adhere to the CDC Guidelines and provide support and alternatives to ensure parents are able to continue to provide for their families.

Teachers - Even before COVID, our teachers were given the herculean tasks of steering our children toward a better future to which we all aspire, and these challenges have only been compounded by COVID. This is why we must ensure our teachers--who are the utmost essential frontline workers--are protected, adequately providing incentives for adherence and enforcement of COVID protocols, as well as for retention for the work they do day and night (as many teachers will tell you, their school day rarely ends when the kids leave).

Leadership Transparency

Speaking with parents in the district and throughout Texas, transparency regarding COVID impacts, outbreaks, strategies, and mitigation efforts is a continual area of opportunity: from unclear methods of counting COVID cases and suspected cases to the feeling that parents are being left in the dark without a guiding light. Through my experience managing people in the workplace, I understand the challenges and obstacles posed by HIPAA, which are in place to protect our privacy, but should not be used as a means to not provide the necessary and meaningful information parents, students, and teachers need to make the best decisions for themselves and families.

We can achieve this through:

  • Enhanced COVID-Metrics for PISD

  • Daily Communications at the school level of new and/or suspected COVID case numbers

  • Regular Forum for Parents, Students, and Teachers to voice concerns, get feedback, and communicate what Is or Isn't Working

Accountability & Anti-Discrimination

Education and school are some of the most important aspects of our children's lives. This is why we must ensure the focus is on our students' education, health, and mental health--not their hair, personal religious practices, or identities as they grow into young adults. As a leader in academic rigor, Pearland ISD has for too long allowed for some of our students to fall victim to such atrocious practices without true accountability, at times bringing our district to the front of national news for all the wrong reasons. This is also compounded by the mental health and special education challenges that the district faces. When faced with such challenges, we must hold our administration, teachers, and faculty accountable and to a higher standard, as we are here to Educate and Protect our children, while serving inherently as role models. We, Pearland ISD, must always act fairly, decisively, and responsibly to deter reoccurrences and set better examples for our children.

Get To Know Tobi Personally

Oluwatobi 'Tobi' Adeyinka is my full name and I was born and raised in the Houston area. My wife and I moved to Pearland in 2018, and we have two boys Femi and Fikayo. I was formerly a Pearland ISD student, before graduating from Cy-Fair High School. I played football and was in the choir from middle school through my time at Trinity University, where I worked to balance my academics, the life of a student-athlete, choir, and work. Growing up in a dual culture household (Nigerian and American), my appreciation for how an equitable education can empower a young person to overcome obstacles and live a fruitful and happy life were fostered through--not only my parents'--but also the Nigerian community's emphasis on the importance of "reading your book" and education.

I love to compete and play any and all sports, including table tennis, sand volleyball, basketball, and many others--though between COVID and our two boys, those activities are on hold at the moment. Because my loving wife, Alicia, insists on mentioning this at every given opportunity, I was also Mr. Cy-Fair 2004. I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out with feedback, ideas, or if you'd like to know what Oluwatobi Adeyinka means in Yoruba.